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 Frigid Wife and Viagra For Women – Frigidity In Women

Frigid Women and viagra

A frigid wife can be something that is extremely unnerving and irritating. Imagine that you are almost in the verge of arousal and are trying to attract your partner’s attention towards having sex and your wife is either ignoring you or feigning ignorance completely. It can sometimes be extremely demeaning and de-motivating for the guy when he gets a cold shoulder from his own wife. The fact of the matter is that coldness towards sex is a problem that many women face and most men do not understand the real reasons for the same. The lack of responsiveness and carrying out the sexual act only as a duty towards the spouse is something that men abhor. It should be understood that the lack of desire in women in most cases has got to do with a psychological frame of mind that may or may not have anything to do with the partner specifically. If a woman is excessively concerned about something it is unlikely that she will be able to relax and allow herself to enjoy sex in the first place. Sometimes the lack of interest comes from fear, anxiety, lack of confidence in self, depression, conflict, infidelity or guilt that may be deep seated.

When things go out of hand there is always viagra for women that you can use to try and see if matters can be solved by this wonder drug. Viagra works in a manner that it relaxes the clitoris and the vaginal muscles and therefore allows the tensed up woman to relax.

Frigidity can have various causes and these differ from person to person. Sometimes hormonal imbalances like a hypothyroid can also cause low levels of sex hormones in the body. Women who put on a lot of weight after child birth tend to feel unconfident and therefore avoid sex to a large extent too.

Frigid women sometimes find various excuses not to have sex. They may not like to accept in front of their spouse or partner that they are not interested and therefore find various reasons to avoid the same. Excuses galore are a sure sign of a problem as is a lack of interest in any sexual activity too.

Frigidity in women can be cured by using psychoanalytical techniques to cure the real reason behind the issue. Some home remedies and herbs like damania, ginger root, dong quai and more can also be used to ensure that the women is more relaxed and at ease so that there can be better pleasure.

There is no need to fret if you as a couple are facing such a problem. If you have identified the problem in the first place, half the battle is won if you intend to do something about it. A frigid wife can be converted into a hot babe with some few tips

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